Kermit Says: Nobody’s Perfect…And That’s Okay (Trigger Warning)

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Growing up, I often felt as though my knees were buckling under immense amounts of pressure. I’m not saying I didn’t have an amazing life filled with some pretty amazing people, but there were times when the need to be perfect outweighed everything. When required perfection controlled every movement, every thought, and every situation, the worst thing was what happened when I fell a little short. Unable to take the pressure, unable to fail, I used to turn to the only friend I thought I had—a metal blade. I found comfort in the one thing I could control. Now this life I used to live was many moons ago, but the saddest thing is knowing that we still live in a world where that metal blade can be substituted for an eating disorder, alcohol abuse, or any other harmful addiction. For some, it’s a momentary release from the darkness or even a reclamation of power, but the truth is that that “solace” we think we’ve found is only a temporary fix. In order to truly heal, I needed to get at the root of the problem, a problem that was beyond me. So what do you do when the source is a force beyond your control?

Be honest.

Be open.

Be receptive.

Be you.

The thing is, we’re all learning how to be ourselves in a world filled with rules and expectations that tell us how to act, what to think, and who to love. We live in a world where many strive for perfection, and make it impossible to just…be. Sadly, that won’t change any time soon, but in order to survive (hopefully unscathed), one must not only understand that nobody’s perfect, but also believe that those imperfections are more than okay.

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