Kermit Says: Rock Yo’ Finals

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Between grappling with current events, completing your commitments, and spending quality time with your friends and family, it’s quite possible that finals week has snuck up on you! Where has the time gone? Wasn’t yesterday September? Didn’t 500 bright and eager students descend onto campus–both anxious and excited to start the new school year? I guess not…

The truth is, grey, cloudy skies and snow-covered fields replaced sun-soaked skies and flowery meadows a long, long time ago. And as unimaginable as it might be, the first semester of classes is ending just as quickly as they began. If you find yourself in a panic and completely (or slightly) overwhelmed with your last homework assignments, projects, and final exams, here are some quick tips that should surely put your mind at ease!

Do your very best! Study hard, seek extra help, be proactive, limit distractions, and prioritize your time and assignments.

Trust your gut! Even if you’re less confident in your ability, remember that you’ve knowingly (or unknowingly) prepared all semester for these assessments. You are smart and capable. Set your mind to it, and you’ll accomplish it!

Get some rest! Here’s the deal: your brain will only work at an optimum level when you’ve gotten enough rest and given yourself plenty of brain breaks. Don’t try to cram everything in at once. Give your mind, body, and soul some time to breathe, some time to rest, and some time to just be.

Know yourself! This is of utmost importance–you must remember you’re more than a test. The grades you earn do not define you. What you do in life and for others is what matters most, not your GPA.

Between consuming unhealthy amounts of coffee and junk food, remember to take it easy and relax, leave any stress or worry you might be experiencing at the door, and rock your finals!

To echo Suzanne Collins, “may the odds be ever in your favor” (The Hunger Games series).

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