Kermit’s Cup of Tea: Five October Favorites


Can you believe it’s already November? Where did October go?! It seems like right after Halloween ends, Christmas decorations appear in countless stores and holiday music blares on the radio. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s take a moment to slow down and reminisce on all the wonderful things that happened in October, shall we?

Let the countdown begin!

Five: Adele’s newest singleHello!!! Adele has been gone way too long, and now that the wait is over, it’s safe to say it was worth it! The sultry voice is back, the melancholy lyrics are better than ever, and I am absolutely in my feelings. If you haven’t heard it yet, what are you waiting for???

Four: Gilmore Girls’ Revival!!! Rory. Loreali. Ms. Patty. Luke! To say I’m excited about my favorite Stars Hollow residents’ return is an absolute understatement. When I was in high school, The Gilmore Girls was my weekly addiction. Loreali was my spirit animal and Rory was the girl I wanted to be. I’m so thankful for Netflix for reviving one of the best underrated shows on television. I can’t wait for their return and to see where the Palladino’s take us after an eight-year absence.

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Three: Daylight Savings Time. I’m not 100% sure why we still fall back and spring forward, but I whole-heartedly believe that setting my clock back an hour is a beautiful blessing! I’ve been going non-stop since August, so waking up and starting the day an hour later is just the sort of rest and relaxation I need to make it through.

Two: Sesame Street’s newest character, Julia! Whether it was the first children’s series to have a mixed-race cast, the first one set in an urban environment, or the first one to help both children and adults grapple with life’s complexities, Sesame Street has always been at the forefront of children’s television, and in 2015, the trend continues! Once again, Sesame Street made history this month when it introduced its newest character, Julia, a girl with autism! What an awesome way to combat the stigmas associated with the neuro-developmental difference!

One: Journaling. In an effort to lose weight and get in shape, I realized the strong correlation between weight loss and mental/emotional health. You can’t just decide you want to make these changes without really thinking about why. Whether you’re an emotional eater who gorges on junk food when you’re stressed out or someone who just needs a reminder that you’ve had far more better days than bad ones, nightly journaling is a wonderful way to reflect on your day and shed some much-needed physical and emotional weight. Not sure what to write? Try journaling for 30 days with these reflective prompts!

What were your favorite things about October? Comment below!

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