Kermit Says: Get (Back) Into the Swing of Things

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Just two weeks ago, I was lounging on a sunny, sandy, white beach in Florida with my sisters blasting music, people watching, sunbathing—we were pretty much living the life, and I imagine your Spring Break was pretty similar. Whether you were traipsing around Rome, binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows, or perfecting the fine art of doing absolutely nothing, I hope you had a fantastically relaxing and rejuvenating break. Unfortunately, as the old adage goes, good things must come to an end, and so it has. School is back in session, and I can hear the moans and groans from here to Australia. Students have already begun to complain about the number of assignments they’ve received, and seniors have cried in frustration and deflation over the number of rejection letters. We’re in a difficult space where students (and adults) are yearning to play outside in the warm air rather than sit passively in a classroom. Where ice cream truck tunes are drowned out by teachers’ lectures. Where sounds of beach waves are overshadowed by the tap, tap, tapping of fingers against a keyboard. We are physically in school, but mentally–and perhaps emotionally–still lounging and daydreaming on our own sandy beach. For a fairly smooth transition from spring break to spring semester, here are some tips to help you get (back) into the swing of things!

Countdown the days…
Take a look at your school calendar and determine the number of days between now and summer break (my count is 64 days). Create a live countdown, like this one, for a more fun and creative visual (you can even include an end time)!

Now that you know how many days are standing in your way, we can get down to business.

Embrace schedules…
Remember that pesky old (and perhaps now dusty) school planner? Use it to stay organized. If that doesn’t work for you, find an organizational method that does. Perhaps it’s electronic using your smartphone, or a hardcopy like these gorgeous Erin Condren Life Planners (currently 40% off). It might take some trial and error, but once you’ve found a system that helps you succeed, use it and stick to it!

Have your parents given you a daily chore chart? Write them down. Have your teachers given you a rough outline of assignments and due dates for the semester? Write them down. Did your coach share your practice and game schedule? Write them down.  Once you know what you have to do to get through the academic year, then you can schedule in the “me time” you need and deserve! When you know what’s due for school, you can anticipate how much time you have to complete assignments. Consequently, you won’t be as anxious and overwhelmed as if these responsibilities just snuck up on you.

Find your balance…
Take a deep breath and practice some meditation to get your mind right for these last two months of the school year. Try visual exercises. It’s like running on the treadmill: I absolutely hate running, but if I visualize where I want to be and what I will look like if I keep it up, I’m motivated to put in the work. Where do you want to be when school lets out? Summer School or Six Flags?

Dive in…
There isn’t much else you can do but get down to business. Complete your assignments (on time), keep yourself busy (but not overwhelmed), and just keep swimming. It will all be over before you know it!

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