Kermit Says: Motivational Monday

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Happy Monday, friends! It’s been a while since my last Kermit Says… post, and between end-of-year events, grading, and a very contagious sickness, I hope you’ll understand why I’ve been absent. While there’s no video today, I wanted to take a moment to first say Kermit Says… will resume its regularly scheduled posts this week and a few more before our official Summer Hiatus, and to also share my love. I was absolutely stunned, heartbroken, and overwhelmed after hearing the tragic story of the Orlando night club shooting.

Some people are filled with so much hatred, anger, and fear when people are living their authentic truths, whether it’s their race, nationality, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, and anything in between. Some people don’t have the courage to be themselves for fear of oppression, ridicule, violence, intolerance. Some people are so unhappy that they want others to be just as unhappy as they are. As difficult as this sounds, we cannot let people like that win. We cannot bury our heads in the sand and hide who we are. We cannot live our lives in fear or hate. We must live our lives with love and loving everyone, regardless of what they look like, who they pray to, and who they love. As Tony award winning actor, writer, composer, Lin-Manuel Miranda (yes, of Hamilton fame) said last night: love is love is love is love…and I love you! Love on someone today and every day.

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