Wellness Wednesday: BoosterBuddy


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Happy Wednesday, friends! On this edition of Wellness Wendesday, we’re once again looking at the intersection between technology and wellness, this time at an iPhone and Android-friendly app called BoosterBuddy, a free app dedicated to improving young people’s mental health. BoosterBuddy first made its appearance in 2014, and has since garnered 31 MILLION Facebook likes! In fact, 95% of people who’ve tested the app found it to be very helpful, fun, and easy to use. So, what does it do, exactly?

According to the BoosterBuddy website, you can manage your personal wellness journey and earn achievements as your sidekick (an animal buddy of your choice) guides you through a series of daily quests designed to establish and sustain positive habits. The buddy falls asleep every day and you can interact with the app to wake up your buddy. In order to do that, you will go on a specific quest that matches how you’re feeling. For instance, if you’re struggling, the quest would be geared towards coping strategies on what is bothering you (e.g. anxiety, depression, or other problems). If you’re feeling better, the quest will be a more challenging task like taking a walk, phoning a friend, or eating something healthy. All the quests aim to give you a boost to get started on healthy activities. You can also:

  • Check-in with how you are feeling each day,
  • Learn about and use an extensive list of coping strategies,
  • Keep track of appointments and medications,
  • Get started on tasks,
  • Follow self-care routines,
  • And increase real-life socialization

For more information and to see BoosterBuddy in action, check out this promo video. What do you think? Would you give it a try? Comment below!



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