Motivational Monday: You Belong

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Happy Motivational Monday, friends! I hope everyone had a wonderfully restful and reenergizing weekend. After spending the last four days huddled up in a hotel chaperoning the Princeton Model UN Conference, it’s so strange to finally reemerge. After arriving to the hotel/conference venue, my students and I were sequestered indoors. Most of them were working hard, while others (ahem, I) were hardly working. I’ll admit, it was such a powerful and exciting experience to observe their professionalism, maturity, diligence, and intellect at work in a ridiculously intense, competitive, and overwhelming environment. What was even nicer was the much-needed break from the world. No news. No social media. Just us. Unfortunately, this break was short lived.

Upon our return, I discovered that Trump’s new administration reflects every ugly thing about humanity: hate, injustice, inequality. People are physically and verbally harassing others because of how they look. People are targeting others because of who they love. People are losing their inalienable rights because of narrow-minded and conservative views. People feel like the progress that was made no longer exists. People no longer feel safe or wanted. As disheartening and disappointing as this is, I just want to remind you that in a world that mistreats you, disrespects you, hates you, and devalues you…in this world that tells you that you don’t belong, I’m here to tell you that you do.

You are welcomed here. You can be who you are, You can love who you love. You are not alone. If someone knocks you down, I will pick you up. I love you, and Lin Manuel Miranda said it best: love is love is love is love!


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