Motivational Monday: Keep Calm & Study Like Hermione Granger!


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Happy Monday, friends! For many of us, this is the last week before we enjoy a much-needed and well-deserved winter break, but there’s just one more hurdle to master, one more thing standing in the way of endless sleep and guilt-free Netflix marathons, one more thing keeping you from freedom: finals. They say it’s always darkest before the dawn, and here we are in finals week and it’s pitch black (metaphorically speaking, of course)! So, how will you survive? Check out my suggestions to help you power through and master your finals relatively unscathed. 

  1. Unplug. Turn off the television, store away your phone, and close those social media tabs (your Snapchat streak will have to wait). Remove all distractions to create an atmosphere conducive to learning. Listening to music might help you focus, but only if you’re listening to the right tunes. Check back tomorrow for one of my favorite, study-approved playlists for ideas.
  2. Plan ahead. Organize and prioritize. Make a study schedule and stick to it! Be sure to set aside an appropriate amount of time to study every day and prepare for each subject, ideally in 30-60 minute increments per subject with a five-minute break in between. Don’t overwhelm yourself by waiting until the last minute. Pace yourself and be proactive in your learning.
  3. Get creative. Make personal study guides and activities to help you better understand the material. Are you a visual learner? Turn your class notes into works of art and create mind maps or diagrams. Do you learn best by teaching others? Lead a fun and engaging study session for your peers. If you find you’re still struggling to comprehend certain concepts and need clarification…
  4. Ask questions. Use your resources! Talk to your teachers, get a study buddy, go see a tutor. Don’t waste time trying to figure it out on your own to save face (don’t let pride be your downfall). There are plenty of people who are more than willing and able to help you. Do your part and ask.
  5. Take care of yourself. If you’ve been reading Kermit Says… for a while and/or know me personally, you know I’m a HUGE supporter of self-care. Remember to give yourself brain breaks to recharge and relax. Alternate between subjects. Reward yourself for each correct answer. Get a good night’s sleep before exams. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy snacks before, during, and after exams. And most importantly, don’t beat yourself up. You know what you know, so do your very best and leave the rest in the classroom.

What are some other effective tips and tricks you’ve used to prepare for final exams? Comment below! 

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