Kermit Says: Take A (Study) Break!

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Friends! It’s almost time to celebrate, toss your texts to the side, and kick up your feet. Hopefully, you’ve caught the Hamilton buzz and have been “writing day and night like it’s going out of style.” If you too find yourself just “non-stop,” remember to take a much-needed break between your studies. Breaks are scientifically proven to improve your focus and productivity, but you have to make sure you’re selecting effective study break options that will help you reenergize and refocus. While watching Netflix or playing video games are easy go-to’s, they won’t give your brain the rest it needs to recover. Remember to schedule in five-minute breaks after 30-60 minutes of studying. Here are 10 suggestions to help you optimize your study breaks:

  1. Turn off all screens
  2. Get moving: go for a walk, exercise, stretch
  3. Play a board game or complete a cross-word puzzle
  4. Practice deep breathing, meditation, or yoga
  5. Socialize with friends or family
  6. Take a 25-30 minute nap
  7. Color or find another creative outlet
  8. Make and eat a healthy meal
  9. Read a book or interesting article
  10. Have a dance party

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