Motivational Monday: Leave Fear Behind


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Happy Motivational Monday, friends! It’s hard to believe this is the last motivational post of 2016, but I’m so thankful we’ve made it to this day. Friends, as I write this post, I have to admit I am EXHAUSTED! Not because I hosted Christmas brunch yesterday (though that might be a tiny contributor), but because I just spent the last three hours or so sitting and working through Lara Casey’s Make it Happen 2017 Powersheets (an intentional goal setting planner) and Make it Happen: Surrender Your Fear, Take the Leap, and Live on Purpose (2014), and I’ve barely made a dent in either. My head is pounding and adrenaline is rushing through my veins. I am pumped up! Casey asks really thought-provoking questions that require you to get real with yourself. I don’t think I was ready to admit somethings, but as taxing as this process was, I found my honest responses reflective, illuminating, and beneficial. I will write and post a proper review of both books later this week, but I just had to stop, take a breath, and share what has stood out to me thus far: fear is a powerful thing.
Fear is powerful and controlling. Maybe fear of something drives you to make unwise decisions. Maybe fear of something prevents you from reaching your full potential. Fear can influence us in ways we least expect, but in order to intentionally create and live a life of purpose and meaning–a life you want and deserve–you have to first, acknowledge your fears, and that’s not always easy. What are you afraid of and why? Be specific and detailed. Next, describe what your life would be like if you exchanged your fear for faith. Finally, decide whether or not you are going to continue to live in fear and let it control you or surrender your fear and have faith.

Aren’t you tired of existing and ready to live? Fear may be holding you back from what you want most, so take the pledge and leave it behind in 2016. It’s going to be challenging, but most things that are worth it are never easy. For more advice on taking the plunge and leaving fear behind, check out these two posts from February 2016 and June 2014.

So, will you live in fear or have faith in 2017? Comment below!

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