Wellness Wednesday: A Jar of Hearts


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Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends. One of the things I love about the start of a new year is all of the energy and excitement this fresh start brings to so many. New beginnings are awesome because they provide a great opportunity to evaluate our lives, get focused, and let go of what may have weighed us down in the previous year. The thing is, when we choose resolutions, they’re oftentimes so big, we lose sight of the small details and tiny moments that may fall between the cracks. So, here’s a challenge for 2017: let’s be present and pay closer attention to those seemingly insignificant and mundane moments of everyday life because remembering those moments are just as important as accomplishing your big goals for the year! How?

Create a jar of hearts (err, memories)! I know we’re already four days into 2017, but it’s not too late to start. Simply grab an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen each day or week. You could include surprise gifts, funny moments, memories worth saving, daily blessings, random acts of kindness. Whatever memory you think is worth including, add it to the jar. On New Year’s Eve, empty it and read and reflect on all of the beautiful and meaningful moments of the year.

There’s always something worth celebrating. Sometimes we just have to take a closer look. 


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