Tuesday Tunesday: Celebrating You


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Happy Tunesday, friends! I hope everyone had a productive and reflective Martin Luther King Day yesterday. Much of my day was spent thinking about my life, who I am, and who I hope to become. And so much of my identity is undoubtedly tied to and shaped by every person I’ve encountered and ounce of media I’ve consumed. The way I see myself and the way I have lived and continue to live my life is directly influenced by society, and thankfully I’ve managed to surround myself with positive influences. Whether they are television shows that tell a different narrative that more accurately reflects my own positive upbringing or songs that empower and encourage me to be the unique person I am, I have made (and I’d say my parents have, too) the intentional decision to be, well, me. In a world that constantly tries to put us in a box or force us to be someone we’re not, my hope is that we’ll (continue to) push against the grain, embrace who we are, and celebrate what makes us, us. Here are a few songs I’ve listened to over the years that have helped me do just that!

What songs have empowered you to celebrate your individuality? Comment below! 


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