Motivational Monday: Don’t Stop Short

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Happy Monday, friends! If you were like me and the more than 100 million fans, then you probably found yourself planted on the couch last night watching the Super Bowl, and boy did it keep us all on the edge of our seats and surprised by the final outcome! For my fellow Atlanta Falcons fans, this was a tough loss. We were ahead for so long and felt confident in our abilities as the New England Patriots trailed behind. This same thing happened a few years ago when the Chicago Bears played hard until they thought they won. And yet, the game wasn’t over.

Sometimes we feel like we’re victorious and celebrate prematurely before the game is finished. We stop going the extra mile and playing hard because we feel like we’ve already crossed the finished line, but the reality is, we haven’t. Sure, the end was near, but the clock hadn’t run out. Similarly, the Patriots could have lost sight and given into what felt like impending defeat, but they played hard from start to finish, and came back to miraculously win another historic game.

Friends, there’s a message here: don’t count yourself out of anything! Work hard, never stop short, and stay focused on what’s ahead. It may look like you’ve won or lost, but you can’t give up until it’s over. Keep pushing, keep striving, keep believing because if you stop too soon, you’ll lose either way.

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