Tuesday Tunesday: Rain, Rain Go Away?


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Happy Tunesday, friends! I absolutely LOVE sleeping in the rain. It’s honestly the best way for me to sleep deeply and soundly, and last night was no exception! When I woke up this morning and started getting ready for the day, I couldn’t help but listen to my favorite Rainy Day Mix, comprised of relaxing Indie tunes perfect for any rainy, chill day. Actually, it’s my favorite playlist for any occasion. So, whether you’re listening to the rain pitter-patter against your window, wrapped up in your coziest blanket, or driving through thick fog and a torrential downpour, here are a few of my favorite songs from my Rainy Day Mix to put you at ease.


“Transatlanticism” by Death Cab for Cutie

“Islands” by Sara Bareilles

“Keep Breathing” by Ingrid Michaelson

“First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes

“Sparks” by Coldplay

“The Lightning Strikes (What if the Storm Ends?)” by Snow Patrol 

“The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot” by Brand New

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