Motivational Monday: Whale You Be Your Valentine?


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Happy Motivational Monday, friends! Oh, to be in love! The flowers, the candles, the chocolates, and heartfelt notes of adoration and appreciation, and what better day to receive such gifts from your significant other or Galentine than on Valentine’s Day, right? Wrong! The problem isn’t necessarily Valentine’s Day, but the closer I get to this “holiday,” I can’t help but wonder 1) Why do we wait one day a year to go out of our way to do something special for the person or people we love most and 2) Why do we spend so much time and energy on someone else’s needs and then neglect our own? So, since we’re celebrating V-Day in the States tomorrow, I’m encouraging you to take this day (and every day thereafter) to do something to show yourself some love. Read on for tips on how to be your own Valentine!

  1. Speak it! In an old “Get Ready With Me” video, I mentioned my love for daily affirmations. They’re such a great way to focus, set your intentions, and kick off the day. A more intentional and uplifting strategy is to stand in the mirror and tell yourself at least one thing you love about who you are.
  2. Track it! In addition to verbally expressing what you specifically appreciate about yourself, write it down. Whether it’s scribbling directly on the mirror you’re staring into, listing them on colorful post-it notes and sticking them all around your room, or writing them in a journal, taking consistent and permanent stock of your own value will serve as wonderful reminders of your worth, especially when others seem to forget.
  3. Do it! Want a massage? How about a mani/pedi? Maybe a delicious meal, shopping spree, or movie date? Figure out what you need that would make you happy, and do it! Don’t wait for someone else to take you out on a date. Solo dates are so appealing because you can relax and do all the things you’ve been yearning for without feeling guilty. There’s nothing like having a little me-time, so indulge!

Whether you spend tomorrow celebrating Valentine’s Day with your bae or wallowing in a half-pint of ice cream for Singles Awareness Day, taking time out to show yourself some love is always in style (and so are puns)!

So, what will you do to show some self-love? Comment below! 

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