Motivational Monday: Power Through, not Down


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Happy Motivational Monday, friends! Can you believe we’re just 22 days away from the end of Spring quarter and a much-needed Spring Break? We’re so close to the finish line, I can see it in the not too far out distance. The thing about finish lines, however, is the closer they seem, the harder we have to push ourselves to get there. Now this doesn’t apply to every single moment, but I often feel like the closer I get to Winter Break, Summer Break, or any break for that matter, I’m less than enthusiastic about doing any work and find myself procrastinating more and more, wasting hours binge-watching a new show (The Fosters, anyone?), scrolling through Instagram (#studyblr), or doing a bit of online shopping (JCrew, take my money!). I keep putting off my responsibilities until they pile up so high, it all becomes too overwhelming. And just when the deadlines loom, I’m forced to buckle down and complete my tasks with anxiety and stress at an all-time high. Does this sound familiar? I thought so. If you’re ready to break this cycle, here are a few tips on how to power through when you’re ready to power down:

Determine your goals and make a plan. What is it you hope to accomplish overall? Maybe it’s to complete your English essay or earn an A on your Chemistry exam. Whatever task you need to complete, write it down and place it somewhere you’ll see it. Then break it down into manageable chunks with a specific timetable. When is it due? What steps do you need to take to reach the deadline? If you have a timetable and do a little bit each day, you’ll avoid feeling overwhelmed and overworked.

Remove distractions and change your scenery. Instead of attempting to do your homework at home in front of the television, try doing it at school or at the library with a study buddy, someone who is focused and driven. If your vice is social media, like mine, consider downloading a productivity app that will help you stay on task. ForestHabitica, and Be Focused Pro are three of my favorites!

Just do it. Sometimes we put things off because we think we have more than enough time. Sometimes we put things off because we want it to be perfect. Sometimes we overcomplicate things. Sometimes we’re afraid we’ll fail. Sometimes we’re afraid we’ll succeed. And sometimes, for whatever reason, we’re just not ready to check certain tasks off our lists, but the reality is time doesn’t stand still just because you do so get a grip, buckle down, and get the job done.

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