Kermit’s Cup of Tea: Friday Findings

img_4043Happy Friday, friends! When I wasn’t teaching or advising this week, I was taking awesome photos, sitting in countless meetings, and working hard to produce some incredible new content for Kermit Says… I’m so excited to share what’s coming up in the not too distant future, so please please please be patient. To hold you over for just a little while longer, here are this week’s favorite finds!

An Extraordinary Life.
There’s so much about American history that we don’t know or easily forget (especially African American history), but Benjamin Banneker’s extraordinary life pursuing knowledge and fighting for justice and equality is one that can and should be remembered. May his life inspire us all!

Read It!
I’m an English teacher, so I think it’s probably safe to say that I love reading. What I love even more is when little kids express a fondness for reading and encourage others to pick up a book, too. Speaking of little kids who love to read, second-grade teacher Michael Bonner teamed up with Ellen, Big Sean, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ice Cube, Ty Dolla $ign, and Migos to film a music video where his students are literally dancing in the streets because they love reading. Regardless of your age, I think you’ll appreciate their love for learning (and their dance moves)!

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