Motivational Monday: Trust Your Gut


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Being honest with yourself is, to me, probably one of the most difficult yet important things one could ever do. When we meet certain people or encounter certain situations, we get a small feeling in the pit of our stomachs. That’s called intuition. Sometimes we listen to those instincts and other times we choose to ignore them altogether. Perhaps we get a bad vibe about someone we like but choose to dismiss those warning signs because we’re curious or lonely. Maybe it’s because we want to keep up appearances, and following our gut will change the way people perceive us. Maybe it will even change the way we see ourselves. Trusting our instincts oftentimes forces us to recognize what is so easily overlooked and challenges us to not only be honest with ourselves, but also to make some tough decisions that we think we might not be ready to make. The thing about listening to your gut, however, is that it’s always right and will never steer you wrong.


I met someone not too long ago and, against the intense feelings that suggested otherwise, I gave said person my number. We began engaging quite regularly, and with every interaction, those feelings grew stronger and stronger, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. He seemed like a nice guy, so why were so many sirens going off in my head? I tried talking it through with a friend of mine, but she merely pointed to how superficial I was being, and I believed her. I wish I hadn’t. As I continued to communicate with him, my feelings grew stronger and more negative. I became rude and dismissive. I resented him and I hated who I was becoming, so I ended it before things escalated. Think about how much time and energy I wasted by not listening to that tiny voice inside. While this specific scenario might not exactly apply to you, I’m sure there are a number of other moments you’ve had where trusting your gut could’ve saved you big time, right?

When we disregard our feelings and attempt to force something that just shouldn’t be forced, we get sucked into an easily avoidable situation and, worst of all, we lose ourselves in the process. If we know ourselves better than anyone, why don’t we listen to our guts more often? Practice being physically, mentally, and emotionally aware of how you respond to certain people and environments. Quiet your mind, and trust whatever important information radiates within you. I promise you won’t regret it.

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