Wellness Wednesday: Dancing to a Healthier You!


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Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends! I’ve been thinking a lot about Monday’s post and I already feel so empowered and inspired. I’m trying to do more things I’m passionate about and push myself to keep at it, and so far, so good! In fact, I’m just gonna go ahead and give myself a high five because I have stuck to my fitness goals and worked out every day this week–granted it’s only day three, but you have to start somewhere, right? Now, when I typically engage in some form of fitness, I usually quit not too long after I start because I either feel like I’m going to die, I’m bored, or I’m just plain lazy. Sound familiar? I’ve tried Insanity, Jillian Michaels, Pure Barre, walking, and even had a personal trainer (or two). I eventually realized, however, that I can’t keep wasting my time, money, and energy on things that doesn’t bring me joy. After extensive research and now a heavier pocket (and unfortunately waistline), I’m embarking on a new-ish fitness venture: Zumba.

Zumba is not particularly new to me or maybe even you. I’ve taken a few classes here and there, purchased a couple of DVDs, and even became a certified Zumba instructor, all of which feel like a million years ago. I’m not sure what transpired between me starting and stopping, but I’m starting again and it already feels…different (knock on wood). For the next four weeks, I’ll be following one of the more recent Zumba programs: “Incredible Results” for Maximum Weight Loss. This regimented schedule has me doing a specific Zumba DVD Monday through Saturday, with rest days relegated to Sunday, as the good Lord intended. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Monday: Zumba Step; Tuesday: 20 Minute Express or 30 Minute Burn; Wednesday: 30 Minute Burn and Amazing Abs; Thursday: 20 Minute Express or 30 Minute Burn; Friday: Zumba Step; and Saturday: Super Cardio Dance Party. 

What makes Zumba Incredible Results different from all the other Zumba DVDs? This series has 30-second cardio burst intervals and a Zumba Step Rizer (think the traditional Step Aerobics classes from the 80s), so it feels like more of an intense workout that’s still super fun! I don’t know about you, but I love dancing, and as uncoordinated as I oftentimes feel during the Salsa and Bachata songs, I still dance like no one’s watching! Consequently, I get to have a blast, learn some new dance moves, and get a great workout in about an hour’s time.

While Zumba may look super easy and effortless, the Incredible Results structure requires a great deal of speed, execution, and energy, which makes it feel even more effective than the typical Zumba programs. Plus I have the sweat stains and sore muscles to prove it! I’ll update you all on my progress in four weeks, but if this sounds like a workout that interests you, remember to wear supportive shoes, watch your form, go at your own pace, and have fun. Who knows, you just might feel confident enough to take that Samba from your living room to the dance floor and feel a few pounds lighter and whole a lot healthier!

Have you ever tried Zumba or found a similar fitness program you enjoy? I’d love to hear from you, so please comment below!

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