Motivational Monday: Master The Door

fall stepsHappy Monday, friends! It’s been about 72 hours since I touched down, and boy there is no place like home. I’ve slept comfortably, been eating right, and working out again (all of which you can follow on the @kermitsays Snapchat–shameless self-promotion). There’s honestly nothing better than falling back into a good routine to kick off a new week. Well, maybe one thing: reframing your mind and practicing positive thinking. I can’t reiterate this enough, but incorporating mindful meditation into my daily routine has seriously changed my thinking. It’s been so wonderful incorporating it into my life, and I’ve used it to not only center myself but also to reflect. In my nearly thirty years of living, I’ve had some great days and some not so great ones. I’ve had some incredible opportunities and some that flew right past me, and while I could allow those moments of defeat and denial to negatively affect me, I choose, instead, to look at things differently, more optimistically. Reminding myself that when one door closes, another door opens has helped me experience life more positively, openly, and fearlessly.

I used to want certain things or people so badly that I’d put all of my energy into them. I’d hope and wish for something to come to pass, and couldn’t conceive of any other outcome. My anxiety was through the roof! There was a constant pain in my chest, and the feeling was unbearable. And when things didn’t go my way, it was even worst. I didn’t know how to handle it. I criticized myself and became disappointed and angry–neither of which is at all productive.

It was in shifting my thinking, however, that things really started to change for the better. I learned to realize that not everything is meant for you, and oftentimes what isn’t for you will miss you. I realized that when you don’t get what you want–and you accept that–you make room in your life and in your heart for something better. I realized that when one door closes, we have to wait patiently (though sometimes actively) to open a new one.

What door are you hoping will open today? What are you wanting to come to fruition? In order to master the door, you have to be prepared for a no and open yourself to a yes. Either way, keep moving and trust the process. It takes patience and it takes faithfulness, but your door will open when it’s supposed to– and not a moment too soon or too late!

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