Friday Findings: My 10 School Essentials

  Happy happy Friday, friends, and what a glorious day it's been! Today I had a chance to stop over at my old school and see some of my favorite former students as they prepare for their first day of school this coming Tuesday. So many bright faces and so much energy filled the halls as… Continue reading Friday Findings: My 10 School Essentials

Kermit’s Cup of Tea: Friday Findings

What do you do when you have a ton of work to do but are totally and disgustingly sick? Power through--snot-nosed, congested, sore throat and all. I'm a mess right now and would definitely do a cartwheel to celebrate Friday's arrival if I could! So instead of the cartwheel, let's celebrate with a few of… Continue reading Kermit’s Cup of Tea: Friday Findings

Motivational Monday: Make the Most of Your Break!

    Whether you're in middle school, high school, college, or beyond, one of the best parts about school is going on a well-deserved and much-needed break. From early September to mid-December, you work day and night for hours and hours on end perfecting projects, writing and revising essays, and studying for exam after exam… Continue reading Motivational Monday: Make the Most of Your Break!

Kermit Says: Take A (Study) Break!

Friends! It's almost time to celebrate, toss your texts to the side, and kick up your feet. Hopefully, you've caught the Hamilton buzz and have been "writing day and night like it's going out of style." If you too find yourself just "non-stop," remember to take a much-needed break between your studies. Breaks are scientifically proven to… Continue reading Kermit Says: Take A (Study) Break!

Tuesday Tunesday: Best Study Playlists

    Happy Tunesday, friends! Finals week is officially here, and we couldn't be more thrilled to get to winter break, but before we get ahead of ourselves, there's more studying and essay writing to do. So, to help you make it through those late night sessions, calm you down, and stay focused and productive, take a listen to… Continue reading Tuesday Tunesday: Best Study Playlists

Motivational Monday: Keep Calm & Study Like Hermione Granger!

    Happy Monday, friends! For many of us, this is the last week before we enjoy a much-needed and well-deserved winter break, but there's just one more hurdle to master, one more thing standing in the way of endless sleep and guilt-free Netflix marathons, one more thing keeping you from freedom: finals. They say… Continue reading Motivational Monday: Keep Calm & Study Like Hermione Granger!

Dear Kermit: Miserable in Manchester

Dear Kermit, After transferring to a new school less than a year ago, I find myself wanting to transfer again. I was recruited to play football--a sport I love more than just about anything--at a D1 school but was terribly unhappy, so my family and I made the decision for me to transfer and play… Continue reading Dear Kermit: Miserable in Manchester

Kermit Says: Pick YOUR Best College

It's that time of year again, friends. Acceptance letters have been mailed and received, and now you have the daunting task of making the biggest decision of your life. What's more is that you likely feel as though this commitment means you're signing your name in blood and have to give away your first born child. While it's… Continue reading Kermit Says: Pick YOUR Best College

Dear Kermit: Revolting Roommate

Happy Tuesday, friends! Click the video below to hear the latest Dear Kermit post. Remember, if you have a question and are seeking advice, please send an email to Note: All responses are anonymous, unless you provide your information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Dear Kermit: Coping in College

Dear Kermit, How should I deal with coming to a new environment away from all of my friends and family? How should I cope when I am feeling depressed and don't feel like I have anyone to turn to? -Coping in College Dear Coping in College, Starting over can be terribly overwhelming, especially when you’re… Continue reading Dear Kermit: Coping in College