Dear Kermit: From Me to You



Yesterday, Washington Post journalist, Amy Ellis Nutt, published an article reporting the inadequate and oftentimes nonexistent mental health resources and treatment available to adults. According to an annual assessment conducted by the non-profit organization Mental Health America, “Twenty percent of adults (43.7 million people) have a mental health condition, and more than half of them do not receive treatment.” But what is even more alarming and applicable to the work I care most about is that not only are depression rates among youth rising, but “80 percent of children and adolescents get either insufficient treatment or none at all.” 80 PERCENT!!!! Eighty percent. I cannot wrap my head around that number. It feels almost overwhelming–as if there are too many young people suffering, and not enough mental health workers or effective public policies to affect real change. This is obviously an oversimplification of the problem, but I believe we can and should be doing more to improve everyone’s mental well-being, especially children and adolescents.

So, this Dear Kermit… is less of a letter from someone in particular to me, but it’s my letter to you all–to all those who suffer…who suffer in silence…who suffer out loud…who suffer among loved ones who just don’t get it…who suffer within a society that belittles, trivializes, or even denies one’s mental illness. This one’s for you.

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Dear Kermit: Miserable in Manchester

Stressed out student in hallway of school building.

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Dear Kermit,
After transferring to a new school less than a year ago, I find myself wanting to transfer again. I was recruited to play football–a sport I love more than just about anything–at a D1 school but was terribly unhappy, so my family and I made the decision for me to transfer and play at a D2 school. While I feel good academically, the other aspects of my college experience aren’t going so well. My teammates and coaches are extremely negative, and that negativity is starting to really affect me. Of course I could just quit the team, but I know I couldn’t just be a student at this school. It doesn’t feel like the best fit. I don’t want to keep transferring, but I also don’t want to settle. What should I do?

Miserable in Manchester
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Dear Kermit: Know Yourself, Know Your Worth

Happy Tuesday, friends! You know what time it is: it’s time for another Dear Kermit… podcast (finally). Today’s post is not a response to anyone’s question, but perhaps a piece of advice from myself to myself. I’m sure today’s post will touch on topics we can all relate to at some point or another: heartbreak, fear, pain, trust, (dis)honesty, self-love, self-worth, self-doubt, and the terrifying idea of new beginnings and budding relationships (yikes). I hope this podcast speaks to someone in the same way I hope it will help me. What a great reminder that any external love has to first come from within. If you don’t love yourself, who will? 

Dear Kermit: Sex on Prom Night (or Nah)?

Happy Tuesday, friends! This week is dedicated to all things prom. Between dress shopping, tux fittings, and limo renting, the topic of “prom night expectations” rarely makes the cut in topics of conversation. So, we’re changing that. Take a listen to what Kermit Says… has to say on having sex on prom night (or not). Check out another great resource Stay Teen, the national campaign to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancy.

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Dear Kermit: Managing Anxiety

Happy Tuesday, friends! Since entering the wonderful world of private school teaching, I have noticed my students are dealing with a type of stress, exhaustion, pressure, competition, and anxiety I don’t think existed a few years ago. For some, it’s debilitating. For others, it’s embarrassing. But I want you to know anxiety isn’t something that should be shamed or stigmatized. Anxiety is normal. Anxiety isn’t dangerous. Anxiety can be problematic. Anxiety is manageable. Take a listen to today’s Dear Kermit podcast for three tips to better manage your anxiety, and comment below if you have any additional strategies that work well for you!

Dear Kermit: Beauty or a Beast?

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