Fearless Part I: Focus On The Do’s (College Apps Edition)

Just a few weeks ago, hundreds--if not thousands--of eager and anxious students submitted their polished personal essays, stellar common applications, ambitious resumes, and glowing letters of recommendation. As sweat dripped down their foreheads, their shaking fingers inched the mouse closer and closer to the submit button. And with a deep sigh of relief and silent… Continue reading Fearless Part I: Focus On The Do’s (College Apps Edition)

Kermit Says: Live

I recently had the pleasure of serving as the dorm head for a high school reunion for the class of 1954. Upon hearing that this particular class would be celebrating their 60th high school reunion (*applause*), I just knew this would be a piece of cake because they’d be quiet, neat, and in bed by… Continue reading Kermit Says: Live