Tuesday Tunesday: L.O.V.E.

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! Whether you find yourself in a committed relationship, in the beginning stages of a new one, or happily single, I am sending so much love your way. There is so much to love about love: the electricity that floats through your fingertips when your hands touch, the butterflies in your stomach and racing… Continue reading Tuesday Tunesday: L.O.V.E.

Motivational Monday: Whale You Be Your Valentine?

    Happy Motivational Monday, friends! Oh, to be in love! The flowers, the candles, the chocolates, and heartfelt notes of adoration and appreciation, and what better day to receive such gifts from your significant other or Galentine than on Valentine's Day, right? Wrong! The problem isn't necessarily Valentine's Day, but the closer I get to… Continue reading Motivational Monday: Whale You Be Your Valentine?