Who Gets It: Us or Them?

Happy Sunday, friends! The last time I wrote an entry, it was at the end of a trying yet illuminating week. It was also the day before my 35th birthday. Just a week after publishing that post, I found myself landing in the South of France (and eventually Italy) with my sisters, embarking on a… Continue reading Who Gets It: Us or Them?

Motivational Monday: It’s OK Not To Be OK

Hi, friends! How are you? No, how are you really? It's been awhile, hasn't it? My last post was from March 16th when we were just three short days into quarantining. Businesses were just starting to close and schools were just beginning to prepare for what we all imagined would only be a few weeks… Continue reading Motivational Monday: It’s OK Not To Be OK

Wellness Wednesday: Build Your Tribe

On a recently unusually cold morning in Massachusettes, I started the day like I typically do, listening to Pandora Radio. Scrolling through my 99 stations (of which I honestly only listen to like, 10), I stumbled upon and selected 90s R&B. After suffering through a series of commercials, I heard a familiar beat with synthesizers,… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Build Your Tribe

Tuesday Tunesday: Somewhere I Belong

Since starting this blog, one of my main goals was to address mental health, and I've been really candid about sharing my own ups and downs, much of which started, unsurprisingly, when I began my freshman year of high school (what is it about that age???). I was experiencing so much and wasn't quite sure… Continue reading Tuesday Tunesday: Somewhere I Belong

Motivational Monday: Embrace the New Moon and Celebrate New Beginnings

Happy Monday, friends! It has been exactly 101 days since my last post, and while I never intended to take a break, particularly one this long, I need you to know that it was needed in a way I didn't realize or expect. And it's probably no surprise that my return is one day after… Continue reading Motivational Monday: Embrace the New Moon and Celebrate New Beginnings

Wellness Wednesday: BoosterBuddy

    Happy Wednesday, friends! On this edition of Wellness Wendesday, we're once again looking at the intersection between technology and wellness, this time at an iPhone and Android-friendly app called BoosterBuddy, a free app dedicated to improving young people's mental health. BoosterBuddy first made its appearance in 2014, and has since garnered 31 MILLION Facebook… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: BoosterBuddy

Dear Kermit: From Me to You

    Yesterday, Washington Post journalist, Amy Ellis Nutt, published an article reporting the inadequate and oftentimes nonexistent mental health resources and treatment available to adults. According to an annual assessment conducted by the non-profit organization Mental Health America, "Twenty percent of adults (43.7 million people) have a mental health condition, and more than half of… Continue reading Dear Kermit: From Me to You

Kermit’s Cup of Tea: Friday Findings

Happy Friday, friends! We made it to this week's finish line, and are just a few short weeks away from summer vacation (woohoo)! Earlier this week I shared that May is National Mental Health Awareness month, and if you've been keeping up with the blog, you'll know that Kermit Says... devoted this week's posts to all things mental… Continue reading Kermit’s Cup of Tea: Friday Findings

Kermit Says: Motivational Monday

Happy Monday, friends! I hope everyone had a beautiful, relaxing weekend. As last week's Mother's Day theme comes to an end, another themed-week begins. May is National Mental Health Awareness month, and this week's posts couldn't come at a better time. After recently talking to a number of my former students who currently find themselves… Continue reading Kermit Says: Motivational Monday

Kermit Says: Step Out of the Darkness (Again)

According to Mental Health America, approximately two million Americans harm themselves sometimes to express pain or to establish some sense of control. Regardless of the reason, people are hurting. People are struggling. People are dealing with very real pain each and everyday. So to honor Mental Health Week, Kermit Says... is sharing an incredibly honest and deeply… Continue reading Kermit Says: Step Out of the Darkness (Again)