Motivational Monday: But You Can Even

Happy Monday, friends! You know those moments when something overwhelming or ridiculous happens, and people spout the phrase, "I can't even"?  Sure, there are the funny and outlandish times that elicit such a response--oftentimes said through tears of laughter-- but then there are more serious things that happen and we respond in the same way.… Continue reading Motivational Monday: But You Can Even

Motivational Monday: Master The Door

Happy Monday, friends! It's been about 72 hours since I touched down, and boy there is no place like home. I've slept comfortably, been eating right, and working out again (all of which you can follow on the @kermitsays Snapchat--shameless self-promotion). There's honestly nothing better than falling back into a good routine to kick off… Continue reading Motivational Monday: Master The Door