Tuesday Tunesday: Back to School Party

Happy Tunesday, friends! I'm sure we've all heard Alice Cooper's 1972 hit "School's Out," right? Epic guitar riffs combined with Alice Cooper's passionate vocals make us more and more excited to end the school year and enjoy summer break. What about "After Today" from A Goofy Movie? A class Disney tune that truly captures what's… Continue reading Tuesday Tunesday: Back to School Party

Tuesday Tunesday: Rain, Rain Go Away?

  Happy Tunesday, friends! I absolutely LOVE sleeping in the rain. It's honestly the best way for me to sleep deeply and soundly, and last night was no exception! When I woke up this morning and started getting ready for the day, I couldn't help but listen to my favorite Rainy Day Mix, comprised of… Continue reading Tuesday Tunesday: Rain, Rain Go Away?

Kermit Says: Be Brave

Everybody’s been there/Everybody’s been stared down by the enemy/Fallen for the fear/And done some disappearing,/Bow down to the mighty/Don’t run, just stop holding your tongue. (“Brave” by Sara Bareilles) I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath/Scared to rock the boat and make a mess/So I sat quietly, agreed politely/I guess that I… Continue reading Kermit Says: Be Brave