Kermit Says: Check In

I’ve recently been obsessing over the British pop band One Direction. I just can’t stop listening to their music! Now don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been living under a rock. I’ve known about 1D for some time now, but if I’m being completely honest, I previously only paid attention to their looks (mmm…Zayn), and since… Continue reading Kermit Says: Check In

Kermit Says: Step Out of the Darkness *Trigger Warning*

When I was in high school, I used to cut myself. Sad. Angry. Bored. Blasting Brand New, The Used, My Chemical Romance, or another popular screamo band, I’d take the blade I kept hidden in a little tin box and press it firmly against my right wrist or thigh until streams of blood appeared. This… Continue reading Kermit Says: Step Out of the Darkness *Trigger Warning*

Kermit Says: Take Care of You, Boo!

Between runny noses, puffy eyes, and itchy throats, I am two sneezes away from locking myself in a giant hazmat suit. Just call me “bubble girl” because I need a protective shield to prevent those pesky germs from seeping into my pores. Alright, alright, I know I’m being dramatic, but when half of your students… Continue reading Kermit Says: Take Care of You, Boo!

Dear Kermit: Big-Hearted Hogger

Dear Kermit, I have been broken up with my ex-girlfriend of 2 years for about 3 months now. She lied to me, cheated on, played, and threw away the love I gave her. And while I am over her, it still hurts watching her with her new boyfriend who I know is not a good… Continue reading Dear Kermit: Big-Hearted Hogger

Kermit Says: New Year, Do You!

2014 has been a wonderful year! I traveled to many domestic and international locations, made new friends and reconnected with old ones, made tough life decisions for the sake of my present and future happiness, and discovered my dream and began making serious steps toward turning it into a reality! Needless to say, this year… Continue reading Kermit Says: New Year, Do You!

Kermit Says: I’m Here For You

I love the holiday season! It's a time when folks can go home, reconnect with family and friends, and reflect on both the challenges and blessings of the season. But with so much happening in the world, it's also pretty easy to see how and why the holidays can be a time filled with great sadness… Continue reading Kermit Says: I’m Here For You

Kermit Says: Find the Good in Goodbye

“My boyfriend cheated on me.” “My girlfriend is embarrassed to be seen with me.” “He said he’d hook up with her when he’s done with me.” “He got really angry.” “But I still love her.” In 72 hours, at least five students have shared less than stellar truths about their relationships. And while their overall… Continue reading Kermit Says: Find the Good in Goodbye

Kermit Says: Nobody’s Perfect…And That’s Okay (Trigger Warning)

Growing up, I often felt as though my knees were buckling under immense amounts of pressure. I’m not saying I didn’t have an amazing life filled with some pretty amazing people, but there were times when the need to be perfect outweighed everything. When required perfection controlled every movement, every thought, and every situation, the… Continue reading Kermit Says: Nobody’s Perfect…And That’s Okay (Trigger Warning)

Dear Kermit: Chunky in Chicago

Dear Kermit, I am f-a-t. Fat. Hefty. Big boned. Chunky. You know that Eddie Murphy movie with the Klumps? Well I’m pretty sure he wrote that about me. I’ve tried everything to lose weight, but nothing works. I’m usually okay with my body, except for when summer rolls around. I’m so self-conscious that I’d rather… Continue reading Dear Kermit: Chunky in Chicago