Wellness Wednesday: Stress-Free Mornings

If you're a fully-functioning human being, you probably know that getting up in the morning can be a massive, stressful struggle (especially if it's a Monday). I think, however, if you come up with a plan routine, you can figure out what works best for you to reduce your stress, evoke peace, and boost your… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Stress-Free Mornings

Kermit Says: Treat Yo’Self

Yesterday I had my first fancy facial at a spa in over ten years…and it was fantastic! Soft robe, tranquil music, waterfalls. I mean, it was everything I needed in order to relax and—hopefully—remedy my sudden breakout problem. I’ve had relatively smooth, acne-free skin my entire life, until a few months ago when I woke… Continue reading Kermit Says: Treat Yo’Self

Fearless Part II: Stressful or Stress-Free? (College Apps Edition)

Balancing three classes, athletics, arts, co-curriculars, extra-curriculars, sleep, food, and personal time was (fairly) manageable before (whew!), but you’ve recently added college applications to the mix, and now you’re running on steam. How in the world are you still standing? Look, I’ve seen the result of such an exhausting and overwhelming schedule manifest itself in… Continue reading Fearless Part II: Stressful or Stress-Free? (College Apps Edition)