Wellness Wednesday: Build Your Tribe

On a recently unusually cold morning in Massachusettes, I started the day like I typically do, listening to Pandora Radio. Scrolling through my 99 stations (of which I honestly only listen to like, 10), I stumbled upon and selected 90s R&B. After suffering through a series of commercials, I heard a familiar beat with synthesizers,… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Build Your Tribe

Wellness Wednesday: Black Girl in Om

A few weeks ago, I shared a list of my favorite podcasts and destination spots. Not too long after that post, a friend of mine pointed me towards another podcast, and I've been addicted ever since! Black Girl in Om is a new(ish) podcast and online publication dedicated to promoting wellness and building community and… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Black Girl in Om

Wellness Wednesday: Mindful Gardening for a Healthy You

I am not a gardening person. Digging through soil, swatting away insects, and baking in the boiling sun just don't sound too appealing. It seems there's far more that goes into growing and nurturing flowers, plants, and whatever else I'm hoping to grow than I really have the time or patience for. I'd rather just skip… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Mindful Gardening for a Healthy You

Wellness Wednesday: Here’s to a Healthy Back

  Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends! This week has been quite a whirlwind filled with lots of sitting, standing, walking, and heavy lifting. Actually, now that I think about it, there probably isn't a day that goes by when my students and I aren't sitting for long periods of time or lugging around ridiculously heavy and… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Here’s to a Healthy Back

Wellness Wednesday: When I Feel Anxious…

Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends! Despite my relatively even-keeled, chill, and positive personality, I can surprisingly be a rather anxious person. While never debilitating or persistent, my anxiety can sometimes flair up when I have to present a major project, sit for an exam, drive behind a slow driver, or wait for a crush to respond to a… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: When I Feel Anxious…

Wellness Wednesday: Avocado Salad

Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends! How are we feeling at this midway point of the week and the first day of February (can you believe it)? I've been feeling so heavy lately--partly because of all that's been going on in the world and partly because of all the junk I've been consuming. Actually, the two are… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Avocado Salad

Wellness Wednesday: A Jar of Hearts

  Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends. One of the things I love about the start of a new year is all of the energy and excitement this fresh start brings to so many. New beginnings are awesome because they provide a great opportunity to evaluate our lives, get focused, and let go of what may have weighed… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: A Jar of Hearts

Wellness Wednesday: Envision Your Life

  Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends! Apologies for the late post, but better late than never, right? With just three days left of 2016, it's time to start goal-setting and resolution-making. If you've been following the Kermit Says... Instagram page (@kermitsays1), you know I've been obsessing over Lara Casey's novel and powersheets, hoping she'll shed some much-needed… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Envision Your Life

Wellness Wednesday: Quench Your Thirst!

  I know so many people who avoid drinking water like it's the plague. In fact, NPR reports that "one-quarter of a broad cross-section of children ages 6 to 19 apparently don't drink any water as part of their fluid intake." I've heard so many excuses as to why: It's too cold. It's too bland. I… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Quench Your Thirst!

Motivational Monday: Remember Who You Are

One of my favorite contemporary poets recently posted some beautiful words of wisdom and comfort on her Instagram that I think are worth sharing: "Even when you feel like the world has let you down, please remember who you are and what you stand for."- Alex Elle This makes me think of that pivotal scene in Disney's… Continue reading Motivational Monday: Remember Who You Are