Wellness Wednesday: Self-Care for Activists

Whether it's marching in protests, organizing community events, writing and calling government officials, or unlearning and actively engaging in difficult conversations, being an activist is an incredibly important job. It can also be a physically, mentally, and emotionally draining one. Creating social change is not something that happens overnight or by oneself. It requires that… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Self-Care for Activists

Wellness Wednesday: Developing a Mindfulness Practice in Anxious Times

When I first heard about mindfulness a few years ago, I understood it to be a practice meant to help people relax when they felt stressed or anxious. And while that's not entirely untrue, years of schooling, working as a child and adolescent therapist, and developing my own mindfulness practice have broadened my understanding. Sure,… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Developing a Mindfulness Practice in Anxious Times

Wellness Wednesday: Chickpea Salad

Happy Wednesday, friends! We've made it to the halfway point of the week, and I think that calls for a quick celebration, don't you? But a closer end to the week does mean a closer start to the school year, which is totally fine--remember, we've got this! I want you to realize, though, that this… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Chickpea Salad

Wellness Wednesday: 3-Ingredient Cookie

Happy Wednesday, friends! We have reached the halfway point of the work week and I hope yours is going as well as mine. I've been crushing my fitness and healthy eating goals, meditating daily, and really focusing on myself. In my previous commitment to living a healthier lifestyle, I put a lot of pressure on myself… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: 3-Ingredient Cookie

Wellness Wednesday: Getting Headspace

Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends! Yesterday marked ten straight days of guided meditation with the mindfulness app, Headspace. Unfortunately, ten days of Headspace also means my free trial is up. Great! Now how am I supposed to find clarity and focus and also reduce my stress and anxiety (sarcasm)? While I think of new, free ways… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Getting Headspace

Wellness Wednesday: Build Your Tribe

On a recently unusually cold morning in Massachusettes, I started the day like I typically do, listening to Pandora Radio. Scrolling through my 99 stations (of which I honestly only listen to like, 10), I stumbled upon and selected 90s R&B. After suffering through a series of commercials, I heard a familiar beat with synthesizers,… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Build Your Tribe

Wellness Wednesday: Black Girl in Om

A few weeks ago, I shared a list of my favorite podcasts and destination spots. Not too long after that post, a friend of mine pointed me towards another podcast, and I've been addicted ever since! Black Girl in Om is a new(ish) podcast and online publication dedicated to promoting wellness and building community and… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Black Girl in Om

Wellness Wednesday: Dancing to a Healthier You!

    Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends! I've been thinking a lot about Monday's post and I already feel so empowered and inspired. I'm trying to do more things I'm passionate about and push myself to keep at it, and so far, so good! In fact, I'm just gonna go ahead and give myself a high… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Dancing to a Healthier You!

Wellness Wednesday: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

After nearly five months apart, my best friend and former college roommate and I reunited this weekend for an old-fashioned slumber party complete with movie-watching, binge-eating, and yummy baking (yes, I licked the spoon). After a quick visit to my local grocery store, we were ready to make what turned out to be the most… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Wellness Wednesday: Mindful Gardening for a Healthy You

I am not a gardening person. Digging through soil, swatting away insects, and baking in the boiling sun just don't sound too appealing. It seems there's far more that goes into growing and nurturing flowers, plants, and whatever else I'm hoping to grow than I really have the time or patience for. I'd rather just skip… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Mindful Gardening for a Healthy You