Wellness Wednesday: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

After nearly five months apart, my best friend and former college roommate and I reunited this weekend for an old-fashioned slumber party complete with movie-watching, binge-eating, and yummy baking (yes, I licked the spoon). After a quick visit to my local grocery store, we were ready to make what turned out to be the most… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Wellness Wednesday: Mindful Gardening for a Healthy You

I am not a gardening person. Digging through soil, swatting away insects, and baking in the boiling sun just don't sound too appealing. It seems there's far more that goes into growing and nurturing flowers, plants, and whatever else I'm hoping to grow than I really have the time or patience for. I'd rather just skip… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Mindful Gardening for a Healthy You

Wellness Wednesday: Sleep On It

Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends! We are just six short days away from Spring Break, but there's just one little thing standing in our way: finals. That's right! It's finally finals week, which probably means lots of coffee, studying, and sleepless nights. So often we decide to pull all night study sessions instead of getting a… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Sleep On It

Wellness Wednesday: Here’s to a Healthy Back

  Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends! This week has been quite a whirlwind filled with lots of sitting, standing, walking, and heavy lifting. Actually, now that I think about it, there probably isn't a day that goes by when my students and I aren't sitting for long periods of time or lugging around ridiculously heavy and… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Here’s to a Healthy Back

Kermit Says: You Should Go & Love Yourself

    During my junior year of college, I took a course called "Representations of Women in the Media." It was such a transformative experience that forever changed the way I interacted with what I watched and listened to daily. Like most twenty-year-olds, I merely consumed media, ingesting it in all of its forms without… Continue reading Kermit Says: You Should Go & Love Yourself

Wellness Wednesday: Goodnight, Moon

Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends! I have always been in love with sleeping. I honestly can't imagine anything more enjoyable than curling up in my big bed, wrapping myself in the coziest blanket, and drifting off into the peaceful night. The thing is, however, it takes me forever to get there, and counting sheep just doesn't… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Goodnight, Moon

Wellness Wednesday: When I Feel Anxious…

Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends! Despite my relatively even-keeled, chill, and positive personality, I can surprisingly be a rather anxious person. While never debilitating or persistent, my anxiety can sometimes flair up when I have to present a major project, sit for an exam, drive behind a slow driver, or wait for a crush to respond to a… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: When I Feel Anxious…

Wellness Wednesday: Avocado Salad

Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends! How are we feeling at this midway point of the week and the first day of February (can you believe it)? I've been feeling so heavy lately--partly because of all that's been going on in the world and partly because of all the junk I've been consuming. Actually, the two are… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Avocado Salad

Wellness Wednesday: Self-Care for Activists

In less than one week since the inauguration, Trump has taken action to repeal the Affordable Care Act, defund Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities, build a wall along the US-Mexico border, and approve the controversial Dakota Access and Keystone Pipelines. In the wake of one of the largest protests in recent history, Trump's decisions serve… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Self-Care for Activists

Kermit Says: Safely March for Justice

  With the end of one presidential administration and the beginning of another, stress, anxiety, fear, and frustration are at an all-time political high. While some will choose to process this transition by themselves or with loved ones, others plan to take it to the streets and protest in various marches all around the world.… Continue reading Kermit Says: Safely March for Justice