Motivational Monday: New Year, More Patience


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Happy Motivational Monday, friends! I hope you all ushered in the new year with your loving friends and family. I honestly still can’t believe it’s 2017. That just sounds unbelievable to say, and perhaps it’s the unbelievable, the magical, the mystery that makes this year feel so…special. Or maybe it’s all the intentional goal-setting I’ve been doing. Who knows. The point is, however, that regardless of the negativity occurring all around the world, this year feels like it’s going to be my best one yet, and I hope you feel it too. Now, I should say I’m not like the usual folks who set resolutions, feel super excited about it for a few days, and then let it all fall to the waist side. No, wait. That’s exactly who I am, and I’m downright tired of it! One of the things I’ve always been super good at is not following through. In fact, I think I wrote about that a few months ago. This lack of following through has to do with a lack of patience, but there are 365 days in a year–what’s the hurry? We oftentimes overwhelm ourselves with unrealistic expectations and resolutions for the new year and want to rush through it all. It’s no wonder we don’t achieve our goals, so let’s do it right this time, okay?


Like so many, one of my goals for the year is to get fit and healthy. I’ve made a similar commitment in the past, and have had personal trainers, lived in the gym, and done just about whatever it took to lose weight quickly. But nothing I tried was a permanent fix. If you also notice you’re making the same resolutions and having the same outcomes every year, re-evaluate and figure out what’s not working and why. When I reflect on my fitness goals, I never stick with exercising because it’s not fun. It’s hard to do something when it’s not enjoyable, so this year’s goal of getting in shape is the same, but my method is different.

I’ve always enjoyed dancing, and thought doing something similar to but more intense than Zumba would be a good way to get off my couch and get moving. I scoured the internet searching for the latest, most effective, and fun fitness trends, and found one that really caught my eye: Pure Barre. I researched and researched ad nauseam trying to gain an understanding of this part ballet, part pilates, part yoga class. I was intrigued, and after finding a first timer deal (one-month of unlimited classes for $79), I decided to give it a try. Today I took (and survived) my very first class.

I’ll likely go into more detail at some point, but one of the things I want to hone in on is that Pure Barre really stresses patience. Pure Barre focuses on one body part at a time, and uses small, isometric movements to tone. Some of the movements don’t make sense and feel super awkward. When deep into poses, your muscles start shaking, which feels totally uncomfortable and unnatural, but that feeling is something you want because it means you’re working hard and change is happening. Because these immediate reactions can easily turn participants off, Pure Barre instructors encourage newbies to try it out for at least seven sessions

Friends, I think we should consider theses same Pure Barre tenants as we move through this new year. Don’t overwhelm yourselves with big, overwhelming goals. Instead, take your time and focus on one goal at a time. There will be moments of discomfort. There will be times when you’ll shake and quiver. You will feel the burn and the intensity of life as it bears a heavy burden on your limbs, BUT don’t give up. Be patient with the process and yourself. Lean in and allow those moments to change you. Let them serve as the catalyst to become the you you’ve always wanted. Let them catapult you into the life you’ve always envisioned. Let this be the year where you finally make things happen.

Remember, there’s no need to rush your come up. Even Beyoncé wasn’t built in a day. 


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