Motivational Monday: Remember Who You Are

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One of my favorite contemporary poets recently posted some beautiful words of wisdom and comfort on her Instagram that I think are worth sharing:

“Even when you feel like the world has let you down, please remember who you are and what you stand for.”- Alex Elle

This makes me think of that pivotal scene in Disney’s The Lion King when Mufasa encourages Simba to remember who he is, regardless of his circumstance. Sometimes we get so bogged down by the weight of the world and all its ugliness, that we lose sight of what matters most. We let our situations get the best of us and allow the worries of the world change who we are. We wallow in misery. We grow angry and weary. We start believing what society tells us about ourselves and the world. We let the negativity win.

Since the election, I’m starting to feel the weight of the world like never before. I have the post-election blues, and it has certainly taken a toll on me and those around me. You may not be ready to face the reality of a Trump presidency, return to social media, or even venture outside, and that’s okay. You’re in mourning. You’re processing it all. You’re making peace and planning the next course of action that’s best for you and your loved ones. Do it. Take care of yourself. There’s nothing selfish or disloyal about doing what’s best for you. That’s called self-loving.

So, in the spirit of self-loving and taking care of you, please remember that even during your most difficult and darkest days, take stock of your life, deeply reflect, and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Where do I come from?
  3. What do I stand for?

Come up with a list of affirmations to remind yourself just how brave, strong, and smart you are (among other awesome attributes), and most of all, take it one day at a time.

1 thought on “Motivational Monday: Remember Who You Are”

  1. I read that I title and I swear I could hear Mufasa in my head 😂
    But seriously, this is a great reminder and a really awesome post. Thank you for writing 😊


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