Kermit Says: Refuel Your (Metaphorical) Tank

Every Sunday night, my high school principal sends a beautifully crafted email of encouragement and wisdom to the faculty. Of course there’s pertinent information as well, mostly updates and important dates to remember, but at the heart of her messages are words of inspiration—and this week’s was no different. Just three days ago, I received… Continue reading Kermit Says: Refuel Your (Metaphorical) Tank

Dear Kermit: Nervous in New Hampshire

Dear Kermit, Midterm grades are coming out soon and, if I’m finally being honest with myself, I haven’t done well at all. In fact, that’s pretty much an understatement. This is my first semester at a very intense school, and the level of work and effort required of us has been really difficult, way harder… Continue reading Dear Kermit: Nervous in New Hampshire

Kermit Says: Be a COACH!!!!!!

Crush ‘em! Kill ‘em! Gooooooooooooo!!! Fight!!!! Win!!!! If you’ve ever been to any sporting event, I’m sure you’ve heard these or similar sentiments shouted from sidelines and stadium stands. The anxiety and adrenaline simultaneously rise within you. You feel your blood rushing through your veins and your heart bursting through your chest as your home… Continue reading Kermit Says: Be a COACH!!!!!!