Tuesday Tunesday: Back to School Party

Happy Tunesday, friends! I'm sure we've all heard Alice Cooper's 1972 hit "School's Out," right? Epic guitar riffs combined with Alice Cooper's passionate vocals make us more and more excited to end the school year and enjoy summer break. What about "After Today" from A Goofy Movie? A class Disney tune that truly captures what's… Continue reading Tuesday Tunesday: Back to School Party

Tuesday Tunesday: Summertime Madness

Happy Tunesday, friends! Can you believe it's already August??? Where did the summer, no, where did the year go??? It seems like just yesterday, I was ringing in a new year, and now we're eight months in with just four to go. It's insane! Ferris Bueller was right-- Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop… Continue reading Tuesday Tunesday: Summertime Madness

Tuesday Tunesday: Somewhere I Belong

Since starting this blog, one of my main goals was to address mental health, and I've been really candid about sharing my own ups and downs, much of which started, unsurprisingly, when I began my freshman year of high school (what is it about that age???). I was experiencing so much and wasn't quite sure… Continue reading Tuesday Tunesday: Somewhere I Belong

Tuesday Tunesday: Dream it, Believe it, Do it

  We all have aspirations we yearn to bring to fruition, dreams we pray will turn into realities, and goals we want to achieve, but sometimes the path to getting there isn't paved in gold. Instead, it's more like a dull, rocky, gross texture. Just when you think it's smooth sailing, you hit rocks you… Continue reading Tuesday Tunesday: Dream it, Believe it, Do it

Tuesday Tunesday: Try, Try Again

Happy Tunesday, friends! If you follow the Kermit Says... Snapchat (@kermitsays), then you know I kept yesterday's word, worked out, and ate relatively well. I'm looking for an accountability buddy to keep me in check, and if you play your cards right, maybe that could be you! In the meantime, I thought today's Tunesday playlist… Continue reading Tuesday Tunesday: Try, Try Again

Tuesday Tunesday: And This is Your Life

  While driving into work yesterday morning, I was listening to Chicago's KISSFM with Fred and Angie--per usual--and they were playing a game where callers in their early 20s phoned in and tried to name 1980s and 1990s sitcom theme songs. As I listened to these "youngsters" try and fail to name these tunes, I… Continue reading Tuesday Tunesday: And This is Your Life

Tuesday Tunesday: Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing

Happy Tunesday, friends! Last night I finally had the chance to sit down and watch Universal Pictures' animated hit, Sing, and I haven't stopped singing and dancing since. In fact, I felt so many emotions while watching the movie and connecting with most of the characters, that that experience is what has inspired today's post. Among… Continue reading Tuesday Tunesday: Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing

Tuesday Tunesday: The Story of Tonight

Tonight's the night I've been waiting for since JUNE, friends! I'm finally seeing Hamilton! As a theater kid who has seen her fair share of theatrical productions, there are no words to describe my excitement and joy. I have listened to the soundtrack ad nauseam, memorized the lyrics, and even researched Hamilton's life. To say I'm… Continue reading Tuesday Tunesday: The Story of Tonight

Tuesday Tunesday: Get Pumped Up!

Happy Tunesday, friends! We are less than 24 hours away from the big announcement and opportunity I've been alluding to on Snapchat and Instagram, and to say I'm nervous is an absolute understatement. The butterflies are swirling about and my hands are shaking just thinking about it. When I feel anxious and worried, I try to take… Continue reading Tuesday Tunesday: Get Pumped Up!

Tuesday Tunesday: L.O.V.E.

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! Whether you find yourself in a committed relationship, in the beginning stages of a new one, or happily single, I am sending so much love your way. There is so much to love about love: the electricity that floats through your fingertips when your hands touch, the butterflies in your stomach and racing… Continue reading Tuesday Tunesday: L.O.V.E.